Hyena Crawling Inside a Dead Elephant to Feed

Hyena crawling inside a dead Elephant to feed

Hyena crawling inside a dead Elephant to feed

Watching a Hyena crawl inside a dead elephant to feed has to be a rare sight!

While on one of our Safaris, we visited a sighting of a dead Elephant.

It was here where we spotted this Hyena climbing into the Elephant Carcass. Probably to get to the organs which hold the most nutrition.

The organs are naturally very important to predators and scavengers alike – as they contain a number of Vitamins and minerals which you cannot get in high enough quantities from meat alone.

Who says Animals are not very Intelligent? 

Some Major Vitamins and their Benefits

  • Iron
    • Iron enables cell growth and acts as an Antioxidant helping to prevent disease.
  • Vitamin A
    • Essential for creating cells in your eyes that convert light into the nerve impulses that enable vision!
    • Good for skin and the general immune system.
  • B – Vitamins
    • Activate enzymes which initiate chemical reactions essential for proper body functions. (e.g. Instructing the body to covert food into energy)
    • Build amino acids and genetic material while removing any “bad stuff” from our blood.

A Liver for example can hold thousands of times the average daily/weekly intake of Vitamins and minerals.

So these organs, heart, liver, lungs etc are very important to give the predators and scavengers a boost. It is a hard life fighting for every meal so every extra bit of nutrition you can get helps.

Real Life in Wild Africa

This is amazing animal behaviour to film and just shows how life really is in the real world of wild Africa…

We are very fortunate to be able to share our knowledge and amazing animal behaviour with our clients from all over the world. We constantly strive to educate our visitors on nature’s plight against human encroachment.

It is a great honour to share the secrets and treasures from Africa’s oldest protected game reserve (Hluhluwe Imfolozi game reserve) Hluhluwe game reserve being only 3 hours from Durban city in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa is easily accessible to us. Our guides are always eager to share their knowledge of the area and wildlife with you.

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