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  • 14th March 2014

    Durban half day Safari Tour to the Valley of 1000 Hills – Phezulu Cultural Village 11 March 2014

    I collected my clients from Durban at 9am on the 11th March 2014 for there Valley of 1000 hills, Durban half day safari Tour to experience the Zulu Culture and the scenery of of the beautiful valley of 1000 hills originally home to the Debe people a cannibalistic Tribe.

    Since the Zulu Nation took over the area from the Debe people it became a strong hold for King Shakas People.

    The rain was a concern on the Durban half day Tour but it just seemed to hold off for us to complete the half day Tour and experience the great views of the valley of 1000 hills.

    We began at Phezulu Safari Park in the valley of 1000 hills overlooking where the Debe people used to rule. The Zulu cultural village experience was the first things we got to see after leaving Durban city. We first entered the Zulu traditional huts, learning about there customs and culture before tasting there tradition Zulu Beer Umqomboti.

    After this Zulu cultural experience we moved onto the Zulu Dancing where we were lucky to witness the Zulu nations great traditions and power in there dance as well as watching these Sangomas(Fortune Tellers) throw the bones to show how a young Zulu mans life will fair.

    Valley 1000 Hills half day Tours – phezulu safari Park – Sangoma

    We had a great time and took some pictures with the Zulu men and women before moving onto the crocodile center and reptile park. Here we Tour’d the enclosures of the crocodile which is becoming endangered and learned more about the prehistoric animals. After the crocodile tour it was time for the Snakes which was great as you have the chance to hold a non venomous species of snake like the Brown House snake or the African Rock Python. This is always a huge additive to a Durban Half day tour/safari.

    We then had some tea and coffee at Phezulu safari parks tea garden before driving to my old home area in Monteseel to look at the stunning views over the valley of 1000 hills, We also came across this crazy sign the the neighbourhood Watch put up to try and prevent hookers. I was to embarrassed to show the clients as they had children.

    Valley 1000 Hills Monteseel No Hooking Picture – Durban Tours

    The valley of 1000 hills is a stunning area to visit steeped in history and beauty. Phezulu safari park is my place of choice for a Zulu Cultural experience from Durban.

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